M-Commerce Apps

From window shopping to screen shopping

Retailers today have invested in taking their stores online and on mobile as much as they have done on brick and mortar. With increasing customer confidence in shopping online and payment using mobile banking, e-commerce is giving way to m-commerce. Brands cannot ignore the burgeoning multi-mobile device adoption by today’s consumer who prefers to shop-select-swipe.



Integrating Online payments with Mobile Apps

Mobile Shopping Cart Solutions for Retail

Pay-as-you-go for service-based companies

Subscription-based recurring payments

Payment/SMS Gateway Integration

Donations/Fund-Raising apps for NGOs

E-Commerce on Mobile – Strategy, Design and Development

UnixFusion'sMobile-first approach to E-Commerce

A mobile-online store for retail brands

While concerns of fraudulent transactions have worried businesses, the gap is shrinking with dual-verification and OTP solutions that have instilled confidence in today’s mobile shopper. Thanks to mobile banking, you can now transact at ease with just a tap or a touch.

Customer Revenue and Retention Model

At UnixFusion, our years of work in the digital domain, e-commerce and online marketing have taught us the importance of having a strategic revenue model built on the strong foundation of a repeat customer. We apply this principle to mobile e-commerce strategy for clients.

Customer Support

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