Why UnixFusion for developing your UI:

At UnixFusion we develop attractive, engaging, usable interface design that focuses on solving usability problems and producing outstanding results. From developing the information architecture to creating the wireframes, interaction and UX design, developing prototype designs, creating custom icons and converting the designs to code, we can work with your team through the complete production process.

We work extensively with application development companies, startups and entrepreneurs in getting the visual and usability of their products right. We also work closely with software companies by offering our services as an external consultant for their clients’ UI requirements.

Our User Interface Design Services include:

  • 1Process and workflow analysis
  • 2Usability and navigation analysis
  • 3Wireframing and skin design
  • 4Graphical production, iconography, CSS design
  • 5Usability testing, review and analysis

Our User Interface Design best practices:

Over the years, we have worked on custom user interfaces on a variety of platforms including desktops, tablets, mobile apps and kiosks. Our fundamental principles of UI design have remained the same, whatever the platform is.

User centered design

Designing for the user is the first and foremost of our policies. We design for your targeted users by understanding who they are, what they want and how they want it.

Clarity and simplicity

Uncluttered layouts, easy-to-navigate page elements and simple and well thought out messaging and labeling are some of the practices we fervently follow.


We strive for consistency in your messaging by following common design elements and by creating and visual language that flows uniformly across devices, platforms, communication, design and experience.

Visual hierarchy

We bring clear organizing and prioritizing of elements on your interfaces by learning the page scanning patterns and by using color, contrast, shape, texture, size and orientation of the various UI elements.


We make sure your UI has clear communication elements to inform users on the actions or changes in the screens by strategically placing call-to-action elements, location notifications, error alerts and other interactive elements to motivate users to take the next step.

Our UI Design Process

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